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shows how tenacity produces results...

— John Salmons,

inspired, positive & original.

— Fenorris Pearson,

a must read.

— Omar Tyree,

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Tired of failing or living a mediocre life? This book will reveal the tools to turn your life around for the better. Sure, it’s hard work, but as Scott says…

No one ever drowned in sweat!

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Life is full of resistance seeking to sink your dreams.

It takes hard work plus a daily dose of G.R.I.T. to overcome this resistance and reach your goals. G.R.I.T. stands for Guts, Resilience, Initiative and Tenacity which Scott Petinga, Chief Troublemaker at The Scott Petinga Group, says are the foundational ingredients necessary to get the journey started, keep momentum going, effectively handle hurdles along the way, and stick with the task until the destination is reached. 

Scott knows about adversity… and failure.

He flunked out of school, was kicked out of the Marines, has been fired from jobs, went through a divorce and is suffering through one of the greatest tests of all… being diagnosed with cancer. In spite of the harsh setbacks, Scott has used G.R.I.T. to get back up after being knocked down and forge ahead towards the fulfillment of his dreams.  

In No One Ever Drowned in Sweat, Scott breaks down each trait of G.R.I.T. 

and how to successfully use them to reach your goals. Besides sharing his own experiences, Scott adds words of wisdom from interviews of over 50 notable CEOs, entrepreneurs, nonprofit heads, thought leaders athletes, everyday heroes, academics and forward thinkers from all walks of life.  

You’ll learn how these traits are the driving force...

that makes things happen, even if you don’t have a formal education. As a matter of fact, Scott explains how it is the elements of G.R.I.T. that are needed to restore the business world which has grown basically weak and unproductive because corporate heads have valued those with educational parchments and alphabetical titles over those with the characteristics of G.R.I.T.

This Book Is For


If you desire to start your own business, or have already taken the initial step to that end, this book will help you overcome obstacles and press towards success.

Business Executives

If you are attempting to climb the ladder within a company, but find yourself hindered or stuck, this book will assist you with reaching those seemingly out-of-reach rungs.

Sports Players & Competitors

If your competitive nature has you seeking to make your mark on the sports world or other venue pitting you against tough competition, you will find that this book will sharpen your game.

Scrapers & Scrappers

Even if you consider yourself to be an Average Joe or Plain Jane, this book can help you shake off the shackles of mediocrity and blossom, not only at your job, but in your family life, social circles and practically any other area you desire to change.

About Scott

Scott Petinga doesn't let much get in his way.

From overcoming cancer to building over a dozen start-ups and three non-profits, Scott has built a career on his ability to overcome adversity and achieve success. His drive and ambition are apparent in every venture he takes on.

As an executive, Scott has steered multiple start-ups from launch to maturity, resulting in combined revenues of $100M—but his life’s work is to leave his mark on society through building a portfolio of charitable businesses with a blend of entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Coined “socialpreneurship” this approach fuses his business and philanthropic initiatives into one cohesive mission and vision.

But above all, he's a man of action—driven to accomplish everything he sets his mind to.  Never content with the status quo, he dreams big and executes bigger.  Whether he's enhancing revenue or streamlining business operations, Scott brings a keen eye for business strategy and brilliant marketing skills to the table.

Over the years, Scott has garnered a reputation for pushing boundaries in every aspect of his life. His ability to accomplish any mission, quickly and on budget, draws upon his training as a Marine and his commitment to working with the best people to get things done.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Scott is an accomplished author and public speaker who frequently shares his life’s wisdom and experience with nationally recognized publications (Forbes, Men's Health, Thrive Global, New York Times, Fast Company, Esquire, HuffPost and Entrepreneur), as well as in his recently released memoir.

He lives between Minneapolis and Los Angeles and is a proud ‘girl dad’ of three pretty amazing daughters.

The book is just the first step toward releasing exponential growth and success in your life!

Once you understand the principles of G.R.I.T., take the next important step of the journey by purchasing The Assessment which is designed to give you valuable insight into your personal life qualities as well as continued learning tools and data.

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A Hard 1-2 Punch Against Resistance To Your Success!

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